“We can become so afraid of death that we never live, so afraid of failure that we never risk, so afraid of pain that we never discover how strong we really are.”

-Erwin McManus


Joseph Gabriel Ilustrisimo

San Francisco Based Personal Trainer

B.S. Kinesiology

Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine

Animal Flow L1

Student Instructor, Foundation Training

Corrective Exercise Specialist, Biomechanics Method, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Youth Exercise Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine

Instagram: @_JOSEPH.GABRIEL_


“What if the greatest reward isn’t the result, but the journey? Redefining your life is about loving who you are becoming.”

After trying out virtually every sport, Joseph found a home in health and fitness. He began training his own body halfway through high school in order to gain confidence and challenge himself. Initially working out was a selfish act to find his way, fitness became the way. He heard it said before, “Passion emerges from mastery.” The results from the gym created a fire inside of him to want more and to keep expanding his knowledge. 

The fire was sometimes the driving force to constant growth, but also it served as an unhealthy obsession. What was supposed to be a part of life became life. After deciding to begin a career in personal training, while studying Kinesiology, he began to shift his attention towards those around him. Personal training gave him the opportunity to use his passion to assist and inspire others with changing their own lives. He even decided to begin doing charity workouts with an altruistic intention of donating 100% of proceeds of events and workouts to non-profits. With the help of his friends, family, and community he raised over $5,000 that went directly to non-profits in two years. Then a few years later, after starting a career in coaching with O2 BodyFit, raised over $5,000 again in another 2 years for non-profits. 

Fitness is the gateway for him to do greater good in this world, whether through charity events or making a difference in the one-on-one relationships. After sustaining a few injuries training for powerlifting, he now focused on a more holistic approach of stabilizing, moving, and correcting imbalances of the body. The goal is to redefine the way he sees strength and health, while hoping to do the same for his clients as well. The goal is to help you move better than you ever have, to feel the healthiest you have ever been, and to assist you in loving who you are becoming.